Getting Started

Welcome to the DailyStory API documentation.

DailyStory includes a full suite of REST APIs and Webhooks for integrating and extending the DailyStory platform. These same APIs are used throughout the web and mobile UX.


Looking for End User Documentation?

If you are looking for our end user documentation, please see our DailyStory end user documentation

This guide provides a walk-through of how to get started using DailyStory's APIs.

API conventions

The DailyStory API conventions to understand common patterns and behaviors used in our APIs.

Authentication and Authorization

DailyStory supports both basic authentication and bearer authentication. Before using the API, review this guides to understand how to authenticate your request.

API Reference

The API reference include full documentation of each REST and Webhook endpoint. If you have an authorization key you can also use the API within the documentation directly.