API Conventions

The DailyStory API allows our users to create their own custom features and integrations by providing them programmatic access to their DailyStory data and functionality.

We've created well-defined conventions to make integrations against our API an intuitive and simple experience for our users.

Standard Json Response

With the exception of the About API, every API will always respond in a standard format with HTTP status codes indicating whether or not the request processed successfully.

  "Status": true,
  "Message": "",
  "Response": {}

The Status returns either true or false and is a global indicator of the success of the message. While the HTTP status code also indicates success, different status codes will be returned based on the behavior and/or error. Status provides a simple way developers can check if their API call completed successfully or failed.

The Message provides a human readable message and is typically only set when there is an error. For some exceptions that occur, the Message provides a more detailed description. Such as posting a new contact and neglecting to include either a DailyStory Id dsid, mobile number, or email address.

The Response provides one or more key/object pairs expected from the request.

For example, requesting the Campaigns GET endpoint returns a campaigns key in the response containing an array of campaign objects.

Standard Properties

  • TenantUID - the unique ID of the tenant. Typically a 16-32 character string.
  • DsID - the unique ID of the contact. Typically a 32 character string.